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Care Goes Virtual – Faster Adoption of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been in existence for over twenty years in India but its adoption was very minimal and fraught with lack of clarity and governmental recognition. The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted Telemedicine from obscurity to almost a mainstream process of consultation once the government has authorized and legalized it through Telemedicine Practice Guidelines in March 2020. The announcement of the National Digital Health Mission by the Honourable Prime Minister on Independence day has paved the way for transformation of the nation's healthcare delivery through building a digital health ecosystem. In the new ecosystem, telemedicine is poised to become a major connecting link between the healthcare seeker and the provider.

Although it is well realized now that telemedicine as a business entity in the hospitals cannot be ignored, the lack of knowledge of the proper and need based selection of a system, implementation of the solutions by the healthcare providers and the confidence building measure required by education of the healthcare workers and the patients is deficient. In this session, we will be bringing key opinion leaders and users of telemedicine from across nationalities to discuss the challenges and the way forward including sharing the guidelines for selection of the suitable telemedicine solution based on the specific care setting.


  • Dr. George Kallarackal

    HOD & Senior Consultant
    Dept. of Rheumatology & Autoimmune disorders
    Gimcare Hospital, Kerala

  • Dr. Syed Sabahat Azim

    Founder & CEO
    Glocal Healthcare

  • Dr. Vardaraj Gurupur

    Assoc. Prof.
    Dept. of Health Management & Informatics
    University of Central Florida

  • Mr. Yoav Fischer

    Head of Technological Innovation & Digital Health
    HealthIL, Israel

  • Mr. Manick Rajendran

    iMMi Life Healthcare

  • Ms. Soujanya Narala

    Chief Executive Officer
    Shivam Medisoft Services Pvt. Ltd

  • Dr. Nuzhat Aziz

    Head- Department of Obstetrics
    Fernandez Hospital, Hyderguda

  • Ms. Diana Davis

    In-charge Nurse ICU
    Dr. Mehta Multispeciality Hospital,Chennai

  • Dr. Sameer Kodkani

    AGM Healthcare
    Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai

  • Ms. Ayushi Tandon

    Project Lead
    Alliance for Telemedicine Registry & Evaluation

  • Mr. Gaurav Pandey

    Lead Analyst
    Alliance for Telemedicine Registry & Evaluation

  • Mr. Abhishek Malhotra

    Managing Partner
    TMT Law Practice

  • Col. Satyendra Verma

    Xscale Innovations Pvt. Ltd


  • Dr. Uma Nambiar

    Chairperson, DHIndia Association
    Executive Director, Gimcare Hospital


Session Chairperson: Dr. Uma Nambiar, Chairperson, DHIndia Association & Executive Director, Gimcare Hospital