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Connected Care – Breakthroughs, Disruption & Innovations

Technology will connect the care delivery of a patient irrespective of location. Be it home or intensive care unit patients deserve the best technology has to offer.

In this session we will share the concept of a connected customer experience in the healthcare system. Specifically plan to cover the Customer Expectations of the Future, the Clinician Benefit from Connected Health, broad range of offerings for the Hospitals / Service Providers capturing the full range of connected solutions from prevention to cure to rehab within a hospital, clinic or person’s home / work. The solutions range from wearables to remote monitoring to communication protocols between different groups to kiosks and chronic care connected solutions.


  • Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

    Chairman & Executive Director
    Narayana Health

  • Dr. Youseph Yazdi

    Executive Director
    The Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design

  • Ms. Edna Lazar

    Exploration Edwards Lifesciences (Israel)

  • Dr. Harold Arkoff

    Founder & President
    One Source Solutions International (USA)

  • Prof. Shafi Ahmed

    Consultant Surgeon, Advisor to Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health
    Vodafone Connected Health Ambassador

  • Mr. Ash Damle

    Healthcare & AI Entrepreneur
    Co-Founder at Healiom & WithMe Health (USA)

  • Mr. Anand S

    Frost & Sullivan

  • Dr. Rajkumar GC

    Consultant & Deputy Head- Critical Care Medicine
    Mehta Multispeciality Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, Chennai


  • Mr. Sameer Mehta

    Vice President

  • Ms. Anu Hasan

    Celebrity & Entrepreneur


Session Chairperson : Mr. Sameer Mehta, Vice President- CAHO